Marshall University ‘hates’ open air preacher


Marshall University in Huntington West Virginia hates the Gospel and its preacher! I and a brother, John McGlone with preached for two days on campus drawing crowds of as many as 200 students and faculty. But… There is some background story.

The beginning of this Fall semester at Marshall university I felt the Lord lay upon my heart this specific college, that it was a field the Lord wanted me to plow. For the last two months I had been preaching on campus once a week, prior to our two-day outreach. For about the last two months I’ve hosted different preaching groups in order to work the campus including Word of God open air ministries with brother John Adkins and Jacob Trent.

The two day outreach caused no small stir as students opposed and protested the ministers, even forming a group of musicians “Horns Against Hate”, to drown out the preaching, against our constitutional rights to be heard.


The campus has continued to buzz since then. The campus formed a Unity March the following Monday to protest the “hateful preachers” who preached on sin, righteousness, and judgement to come. This past wendsday the campus had a meeting with the university president demanding there be new policy put into place to hinder preachers from coming back to the university, this was part of the conversation, “Gilbert said the First Amendment covers a wide spectrum of speech, particularly on a public university’s campus. He said Marshall is an open campus, as it essentially belongs to the state of West Virginia. As such, Gilbert said the line between protected and unprotected speech is often fuzzy, and if a line is drawn, it’s arbitrary at some level”, we appreciate the Presidents position and the campus police for their fine efforts.

However we did sustain some damage, brother John’s camera was stolen from his preaching bag, we were cursed and mocked beyond measure and hated by the students for telling them the truth. Marshall has not had much campus preaching in recent past and could use a lot more.

imageMany countless great conversations were shared both in preaching and on the sidelines in the two day outreach. Pray for the university that God will open their minds and hearts and Repentence would come to this campus.


Author: publicproclaimer

6 years ago the Lord Jesus Christ called me to preach. 4 years ago the Lord called me to preach not only in church but in the whole world. Therefore, we have set about to preach the gospel publicly proclaiming to all men that Jesus Christ is King!

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